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MJBarnes & Associates provides appraisal and appraisal review services for public works, utility, and asset management projects throughout Wisconsin. Marian Barnes has over 15 years of experience in highway, pipeline, electric transmission, sewer, airport, and urban renewal projects. The company provides litigation support for eminent domain as well as valuation issues involving private property.


Marian J. Barnes, MAI, SR/WA

Certified General Appraiser

Cristian Brie
Appraiser Assistant

Marian Barnes has been appraising since 2007. She specializes in single appraisals for public works projects as well linear utility projects. She has appraised properties for avigation easements, FEMA buyouts, stormwater easements, and estate planning.  She is an expert witness, having served at condemnation commissions and testifying in court. She uses her geology education to provide insight in to highest and best uses of land. She is an active member of the Environmental Committee for the International Right of Way Association, a certified environmental instructor, and has the highest IRWA designation of SR/WA.  She is also a designated MAI from the Appraisal Institute.   When not working, Marian enjoys bicycling, skiing, and other outdoor activities.

Cristian Brie has obtained the Assessment Technician, Assessor 1 and Assessor 2 licenses from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.  He joined the company in 2022 to provide assistance with site inspections, comparable sales, and report review.  In addition to being an employee of MJBarnes & Associates, he is an international consultant for investors in professional soccer.  He also enjoys playing soccer and spending time with his young children.

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