Wind Turbines
Cardinal-Hickory Creek Transmission Line Project

American Transmission Co., ITC Midwest LLC and Dairyland Power Cooperative are working towards construction of a high-voltage transmission line that will transmit wind and solar energy from northeast Iowa and western Wisconsin to central Wisconsin.  This is one of several projects in the state that support renewable energy. 

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MJBarnes & Associates is conducting appraisals on residential properties to provide property owners “just compensation” for the acquisition of easements for this project.

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Sun Prairie Utilities 

Marian and her team have worked with Sun Prairie Utilities on redevelopment plans for downtown. This project highlights appraising commercial areas with changing land uses. MJBarnes & Associates faced a variety of challenging appraisal questions for this project including valuing utility buildings, historic homes, and rental properties. 

FEMA Voluntary Buyout Program

MJBarnes & Associates valued properties in the Village of Mazomanie for voluntary property acquisition under the Municipal Flood Control Grant Program. The program, managed by WDNR, provides property owners a buyout for the value of their property before the August 2018 flood.  Retrospective appraisals were conducted using preflood photographs to estimate value.

Portage 69kV Transmission Line

A 69 kV transmission line was constructed in the Jefferson and Townsend Streets, Portage rights-of-way many years ago. Easements over adjacent properties had never been acquired.  MJBarnes & Associated appraised historic houses, a city park, and the Portage Canal for the rights needed to continue the safe operation of this transmission line.