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North Parmenter Street, City of Middleton

North Parmenter Street is the gateway to the north side of Middleton from USH 12. The roadway is very wide as it had been USH 12 until the limited access highway was constructed. Many apartments, senior housing, and a green integrated community have been constructed and are planned for this section of Parmenter Street. North Parmenter Street is also the route out of the metropolitan Madison area to the countryside for many bicyclists. 

The City needed land rights to reconstructed the roadway for improved and safe traffic flow and improved stormwater control. MJBarnes & Associates conducted appraisals on commercial, industrial, multifamily, and subdivision land for road and stormwater reconstruction. 

City of Fitchburg

The City of Fitchburg worked with local businesses to make road improvements in an area of mineral extraction, an expanding industry (ProMega), a solar farm, and a growing subdivision.  MJBarnes & Associates conducted an Sales Study for use by the acquisition specialist, and then provided appraisals for many of the diverse property types.  

Cardinal Hickory Creek Transmission Line

American Transmission Co., ITC Midwest LLC and Dairyland Power Cooperative are constructing of a high-voltage transmission line that will transmit wind and solar energy from northeast Iowa and southwestern Wisconsin to the rapidly growing Madison metropolitan area. This is one of several projects in the state that support renewable energy. The project enabled locally owned utilities to improve the reliability of electricity delivered to residents and businesses. 

MJBarnes & Associates conducted appraisals on more than 40 rural residential properties to provide property owners just compensation for the acquisition of easements for this project.

FEMA Voluntary Buyout Program

MJBarnes & Associates valued properties in the Village of Mazomanie, Kenosha County, and a Lake Michigan house in Racine for voluntary property acquisition.  Municipal Flood Control Grant Program, managed by WDNR, provides property owners a buyout for the value of their property prior to flooding or shoreline destruction.  Retrospective appraisals were conducted using photographs and owner's documentation to estimate a value of the properties prior to the flood or other catastrophic event.

WisDOT USH 12/18 east of Madison

Crashes at the County Road AB and USH 12/18 east of the interchange of I-90/39/94 brought WisDOT's attention to this area.  They resolved to construct a diamond interchange at this intersection with roundabouts at the ramp termini. The project also included pedestrian and bicycle access in this area.  Nine appraisals were prepared that included a golf course, landfill, highway businesses, residences, and development land.  

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