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Wildlife Estates, Juneau County

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Several property homeowners contact Alliant Energy to have natural gas provided to this development.  Alliant requested an appraisal to obtain rights to install natural gas pipeline in the roadways.  The roadways were privately owned by the original developer who was deceased.  Surviving family members had not respond to requests.  MJBarnes & Associates estimated the value of the private roadways, and the value of the easement.  The Juneau County Condemnation Commission awarded the easement to Alliant for a nominal $100.00

Conservation Easement on Residential Property

A house was offered for sale with a 1996 conservation easement over the entire property. The easement included the house and all of the improvements. The property was considered impaired because of the easement restrictions on both the land and the improvements. The value of the property without the easement and with the easement was estimated using the before and after methodology. The appraisal was conducted for litigation.


Pendarvis Mine


Pendarvis is a historic site located in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. The site, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is made up of several 19th century cabins built by Cornish immigrants who came to Mineral Point to mine lead. MJBarnes & Associates appraised the site for an electric transmission line easement.

Fox River, Appleton 

Utilities were seeking easements over and under lock channels in the Fox River. These sections of the Fox River are owned by the State of Wisconsin and controlled by the Fox River Navigational Authority. The state requested appraisals for the easement in order to manage state assets. The value of the underlying land was estimated and used to estimate the value  of the easements, using the before and after methodology. 


Waukesha Airport Hangars

The client needed an appraisal to estimate the value of two hangars located at Waukesha County Airport. MJBarnes & Associates completed an appraisal using the cost approach to estimate the value of the structures.

Solar Farms

photovoltaics in solar power station .jpg

Solar farms are being constructed across southern Wisconsin.  They provide a long-term income stream for property owners, so there is no desire to sell land with a solar farm.  There are an insufficient number, or no sales, to use the sales comparison approach.  The income approach is more appropriate.  MJBarnes has completed the valuation of two different solar farms using the income approach.  

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