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MJBarnes & Associates, LLC

Real Estate Appraisal and Consulting

Private Appraisals
  • Thinking about buying some property? 

  • Need a second appraisal when a public agency is acquiring your property?

  • Selling property to a family member? 

  • Donating property?

  • Providing an easement for a public project or conservation? 


We can provide an appraisal! 

Appraisal Services
for Public Projects

Providing appraisal services for land acquisition/sale and eminent domain across southern and central Wisconsin. Appraise all types of properties and real estate interests that may be needed to support development, roads, electric transmission, airports,  pipelines and roads. 

Litigation &
Appraisal Review

Providing valuations to support litigation for property interests and eminent domain.  Also providing appraisal review for  for technical and valuation purposes. 



5610 Medical Circle, Ste. 29

Madison, WI  53719-1284

(608) 231-2120

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